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We help businesses in sustainable development

At Sifónika Group we are experts in proposing and integrating solutions allowing your business to take the most of being sustainable.

For us, to help you is to make your business more profitable and resilient – now and in the future – thanks to the management and harvesting of rainwater and the self-consumption of Rainwater Green Hydrogen.

What does it mean to be
sustainable at Sifónika Group?

To be profitable

On one hand, large water consumption and non-renewable energies are increasingly penalized and on the other, the trend is that prices rise when demand is higher.

Oriented toward the future

The decarbonisation of the planet is ALREADY underway. As with digitization today, the more your business must accelerate to “hook” on sustainability, the harder change will be.

Gain independence

From both the price and the availability, which are set by the producers. They define at what time, quantities, and prices to consume, regardless of your business activity.

Real community support

The UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030 (SDG 30) promote funds such as the EU Next Generation and demonstrate that ACTING with environmental responsibility is a value for your business beyond brand image.

Sifónika Group, from the siphonic drainage of large roofs to the Rainwater Green Hydrogen

Developing the Sifónika System since 2012 has taught us that resources such as water and sunlight are valuable rather than something to fear. First we went from evacuating water to harvesting it, and from there to solar energy thanks to our experience in large roofs. When we connect water and sun, the natural result is the trinomial rainwater + sunlight + Rainwater Green Hydrogen

Advantages of working with Grupo Sifónika

An experienced team

The Sifónika team accumulates years of experience in Spain and abroad. With this learning we have designed concrete solutions that allow you to save money and demonstrate with facts that your business is sustainable.

We are committed to you

Our raison d’être is for you to be satisfied. Because we like what we do, and because it means more possibilities to work more and better with you – and your contacts -.

Tailor-made projects

We can design and execute for you projects that get the most out of each square meter of your large roof, with both self-consumption of energy and rainwater harvesting and management.

We adapt to what you need

Even at the exploitation level. Whenever the project allows it, we give you the choice between turnkey projects or design and supply agreements.

We make it easy for you

For example, if you install with us a Rainwater Green Micro-Hydrogenerator (MHVP) or a Sifónika System, we are the only interlocutor and accountable actor while, with others, you have to deal with several suppliers, both technical and materials. We are inclusive and liable for the solutions we propose.

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Thank you for trusting Sifónika!

Always by your side to provide the most special roofs with the best siphonic system for draining rainwater.